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Remember, remember September

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Remember September 28, 2009

While The 2010 World Cup is going on in south Africa, 
it's important to remember what happened on another soccer field 
a little north of the current games, a few months ago 
on september 28, 2009 :

The presidential guard, the so-called ‘red berets’, entered a soccer field in Conakry, Guinea (Western Africa) and killed the men, raped women right on the grass, some inserted weapons, a woman was killed after a soldier inserted a rifle through her vagina and shot her to death. A few were kidnapped and taken from the stadium or on their way to receive medical care and taken to private residences and army base and gang raped for days. Witnesses report seeing about 63 corpses being removed he next day form the military base.  The presidential army troops took over the hospitals’ morgues to remove and bury the corpses, proof of their crime against humanity. The UN sent a commission to inquiry on this possible crime against humanity. “The government’s official death toll is 57. Human Rights Watch’s investigation found that the actual death toll is likely to have been between 150 and 200”.

“The scale of these crimes and the dearth of any apparent threat or provocation on the part of the demonstrators, in combination with the organized manner in which the security forces carried out the stadium attack, suggest that the crimes were premeditated and organized” Human Rights Watch
After the president’s death in 2008, captain Moussa Dadis Camara proclaimed himself president and seized power with other military officers. The rred berets’ are members of his personal army.

detailed report : ENGLISH version

rapport détaillé : version FRANÇAISE

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Lord’s Resistance Army

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2006, August 4 : LRA declares end of 18 years of combats against Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni. Result : 2 millions people displaced, among those, 1.7 millions live in refugee camps.

That was the situation in 2006…what is it like AS OF TODAY?

2009, August 7 – a new wave of violence has truck Congo lead by the LRA : Lord’s Resistance Army. This past year only, about an additional 260000 persons got displaced due to the on-going conflict spread all over Uganda, Congo and and the south of Sudan. OFFICIALLY, SINCE 2006 AN ADDITIONAL 1.7 MILLION PEOPLE GOT DISPLACED dure to the conflict.

Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) is categorized by the United States of America as a terrorist group. Its aim is to take over the presidency and create a new state based on the 10th commandements. The ongoing conflict started when two generals belonging to the  ethnic group of the Acholi took over the presidency held by a member of another ethnic : the Langi. Both groups have been fighting ever since, even though Yoweri Museveni (belonging to the other ethnic group of the Ankole), was the one who took over the presidency and his position is the coveted one. 

Yoweri_Museveni80% of their army is made of children soldiers, kidnapped to their family and then trained. That is why a lot of children sleep in the streets outside at night, they are afraid of being kidnapped to become children soldiers or sexual slaves…the movie Uganda Rising testifies of this humanitarian situation, one of “the most neglected in the world” according to the UN.487px-Ugandan_districts_affected_by_Lords_Resistance_Army

The World’s Most Repressive Societies

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I read a UN report on 2009 world’s most repressive societies : in order to make this list, the UN considers two kinds of rights : political and civil rights and rate the access of the people to these rights, 7 being the highest number, aka no access to any rights. I was shocked to see Morocco appear on that list. To be fair, its only western Sahara, but it is still a country geographically close to France where I live and also a highly touristic country where I thought the open borders to the influx of tourists and international trade would have a positive effect on the allpowering kingdom as well as guarantee a minimum of rights – both political and civil – at least thanks to the pressure of popular pressure from the tourists’ part, most of whom are coming from democratic countries.

source :

board fo the most repressive countries

Board of the most repressive countries 2009