Don’t forget AUNG SAN SUU KYI!

aung san suu kyiI didn’t mean the title to sound as if she was dead…her health is threatened and her life is a threat. Aung Suu Kyi is a Peace Nobel Price, the only one in the world living without liberties. She chose to come back to Burma to fight against the “junta” (dictatorship usually implemented after a coup d’etat). For that purpose she neveer saw her children again, they are living in Great Britain while she is a prisoner in her own house under the government’s surveillance. Her British husband couldn’t even visit her before he died. Her boldness is all the more admirable when one considers the fact that she lived a western way of life while she was studying and where she started a family but nonetheless made the sacrifice of going back to her country to live under oppression. She is now very sick and the government might not grant her the medical care she needs. I will keep everybody posted on her condition. She is currently under trial for allegedly violating her house arrest sentence. The result of the trial will be issued on august 11. Little did I know that her party won the elections with 80% of the poll in 1989 but the junta never acknowledged her victory. I admire this woman and I am happy I stubbled upon an article in… Elle magazine! Check out the picture of this peaceful activist, often compared to Gandhi and be sure never to forget this face. She makes me think of an Asian Audrey Hepburn…


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  1. […] San Suu Kyi’s sentence extended!!! Today, Aung San Suu Kyi just got sentenced to 18 more months of house arrest by the junte’s  (name of the […]

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